A new life began for me when, at age 27, I left England to travel around the world. This became a pilgrimage without destination in which I not only explored the world but also explored my place in it. This led to my acceptance, at 35, that the profession of civil engineering was not for me. I rediscovered the joy of learning, reading extensively and starting a dialogue group. I wrote at that time, “Monologue is information, teacher and taught, guru and disciple, is propaganda. Dialogue is inquiry, face to face, heart to heart, into the nature of our experience.” Through experience I learned about group dynamics and how to facilitate groups. Ten years later, when everything in my life was falling apart, I trained to teach interpersonal communication skills in a course designed by consultants to the federal government. At the time of my greatest need I learned the skills I needed to create my support group and recover emotional equilibrium. I led community building workshops and evening classes in communication skills, facilitating connections between people in this age of disintegration. This is my service to the community which more recently I do by hosting live music parties regularly and leading workshops called, “Personal and Cultural Evolution.”